Welcome to DuplyRapid.com: CD, DVD, Bluray duplication in Madrid

We are a company dedicated to CD-ROM's duplication, MINI-CD, CD-CARD, DVD-ROM, - VIDEO DVD 5, 9 and 10, USB, and all kinds of PACKING.

We have a technology, to be able to put it to your disposition, both in quality and in rapidity; already be in small productions (from 0 to 999) service express, or in industrial productions from 1000 units.

We have a service of high quality, in which we check copy to copy, assuring the ideal quality of our clients.

Discs of music do not double without SGAE.


Watch a video of the manufacturing process in our factory




Cd duplication in Madrid, Spain DVD duplication in Madrid, Spain
Bluray duplication in Madrid, Spain Mini cd, mini dvd duplication in Madrid, Spain

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